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Business Model
A flexible business model to meet different market needs

The market for video technology is evolving rapidly. Milestone is at the forefront of this development, ready to deliver and support products and services that meet many different market needs.

Milestone’s long-term ambition is to develop and deliver the best video solutions to our end-customers with and through our partners.

We do this by focusing on four strategic priorities:

Products & services – We pursue end-customers’ needs and preferences through our focused product and service portfolio.

End-customer segments – We target the end-customer segments where we believe we contribute the most value.

Markets – We are an international company that enters and develops markets with a clear blueprint to win strong positions.

Partnerships – We scale our business by proactively supporting and helping our channel partners to grow.

Our business model is essential to the way we create value and results. Our video solutions are sold with and through our channel partners, providing us with great scalability. We are continuously adapting the way we do business to fit market conditions and customer needs, wherever it makes sense for us, our partners, and end customers.

In addition, our focus on open platform Video Management Software (VMS) connects our channel and technology partners to each other so they can build best-of-breed video solutions. For example, we enable this through Marketplace, which is developed around the idea of growing together with our partners.
Hybrid cloud solution provides flexibility and scalability
Cloud solutions are an integrated part of Milestone’s offering and business model. Our hybrid Cloud solution offers more deployment options, supporting our end-customers’ preferences and empowering our partners to deliver relevant solutions.
We are currently cooperating with:
Arcules Inc., offering Arcules-XProtect® Hybrid VMS Solution to enable existing XProtect customers to deploy VMS remotely and connect to Arcules Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS).
Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace to offer XProtect with the same full feature compatibility as an on-prem solution, and XProtectEssential+ Milestone’s free product.
These offerings are extending our customer base, increasing online sales, and expanding our partner network.