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We are a dynamic company built on a powerful open video technology platform

Where we are going

Milestone aspires to Make the World See by enabling people to make sense of video and video-related data. Together with our community, we increase the insights and benefits our customers can draw from video technology.

How we will get there

At Milestone, we believe in the power of open: empowering the long-term sustainable growth and success of the community through an open video technology platform.

Why we will succeed

Milestone’s open philosophy provides the flexibility of choice and the scalability options needed for both partners and end-customers to thrive in an increasingly uncertain future.

Facts about Milestone

January 1, 2021




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Our winning aspiration
Our purpose is to make the world see.
Within our community, we aspire to deliver actionable information from video and video-related data that enables decision-makers to optimize business processes.

Our focus is first and foremost to create long-term sustainable growth with our community – we believe we are stronger together. That is why we work towards being the preferred business partner for our community.

We work every day to develop and deliver the best video solutions to our end-customers. We believe that together with our community’s reach, we have a strong potential to be recognized as the preferred video installation in businesses all around the world.

Because of our open philosophy and strong, reliable product foundation, we are well-positioned to grow our business in an increasingly uncertain future. That’s why we believe our revenue can grow well above the growth rate of the overall VMS market year-on-year.