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Staying safe with video technology

When the COVID-19 pandemic created unprecedented restrictions in the public space, businesses, organizations, and governments were suddenly forced to look for new ways to ensure public safety.

Video technology quickly established itself as an important tool for mitigating the impact of COVID-19. It could provide social distancing detection, temperature detection, touch-less access control and contact tracing. And it replaced the need for large, on-site teams by enabling remote conferencing.

The pandemic created a situation where the heavy responsibility of ensuring the safety of customers, employees and business partners was suddenly placed on the shoulders of authorities and business owners. Video technology helped facilitate and maintain the safe environment that was critical to prevent the further spread of the virus.
Open platform technology
Our partners provide an almost endless range of ‘best-in-class’ combinations and solutions for almost any situation. This makes our technology scalable, flexible and future-proof, since our open platform allows users to put together the solution that fits their specific need best.

Whether users are looking to prevent overcrowding in an office space or in need of the option to identify possible virus carriers early, the open platform combined with a Milestone partner provides users with all the necessary features needed to address a specific issue.

The year 2020 has only underlined how vital it is for businesses to be flexible and adaptable.The open platform technology allows us to adapt to any unforeseen circumstances because the option to integrate new technologies is always there.
Innovation and Technology
Heading for the Clouds

Increasing business demands for flexibility and scalability took Milestone on its journey to cloud which resulted in several new deployment choices.

Since its early days, Milestone’s primary goal has been to make the world safer and more secure by delivering innovative VMS solutions, and by promoting responsible technology use among our partners.

Technology has changed over the years, but one thing stayed constant — our commitment to be the open platform company that provides our customers with the freedom to choose:
The XProtect® products that best suit their businesses
The cameras they prefer to use
The server hardware that fits their needs and budget.
However, for more than two decades, on-premises seemed to be the only deployment choice for video surveillance installations. Then came cloud computing.
New deployment choices
Cloud computing introduced new opportunities for our industry. New ways of delivering computing, storage, and networking allowed us to remove much of the friction involved in setting up and maintaining on-premises systems, while providing our customers with new deployment choices.

A key enabler for removing that friction is the change to the technology stack that the surveillance system is built on. Until recently, this stack was embedded in devices, clients, and servers, but it can now be replaced with cloud computing and applications from cloud and video Software as a Service (vSaaS) providers.

Within a few years, one XProtect deployment possibility turned into five deployment choices: On-premises, hybrid cloud, video Software as a Service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), and Platform as a Service (PaaS).

They differ in the way they distribute the workload between the end user, system integrator, and SaaS/Public Cloud provider. However, they all have one thing in common — they all use the XProtect platform as the core engine that drives the entire installation.
Innovation and Technology
Enabling the organization to work from home

Most of us probably remember where we were when we were first told that the place we live was going into lockdown. Milestone’s IT department is no exception. Within a few hours, our IT team had to enable an entire organization to work from home.

Quickly establishing an IT task force, they set up a system for how to handle the predictable issues that would arise as well as issues it was impossible to plan for.

Some of the immediate actions were:
Increasing company-wide communication: Frequent reminders and IT updates from IT ServiceDesk were an important first step and remained constant throughout the most intense periods of lockdown.
Intensifying global cooperation: 24/7 support was quickly established to deal with regional requests across the globe.
Virtual Private Network (VPN): Based on early estimations, the IT ServiceDesk was able to pinpoint an expected maximum number of VPN connections needed to allow people to work from home without friction. They were able to increase the normal capacity and remove any capacity constraints.
Purchasing laptops, monitors and webcams: Equipment needs were expected to increase during lockdown, so we made estimates about how much equipments might have to be purchased.
Innovation and Technology
Taking advantage of co-created innovation

In 2020, we launched a new Technology Partner area, focused on co-created innovation with Milestone partners.

The Technology Partner area has a core focus on scaling, strengthening, and deepening our collaboration with technology partners. It is designed to accelerate time-to-value, as well as to enable growth throughout the community. Co-created innovation offers some clear business advantages that we wanted to pursue even further. The global video technology partner landscape has an immense innovation capacity that no single company can compete with.
We are in this together
The Technology Partner area will optimize the way we identify, partner, develop and manage this co-created innovation capacity to create the greatest value for partners and end customers. It is a long-term investment with the ambition of growing not only Milestone’s own capabilities but lifting our partners as a whole.
The power of choice
We strongly believe that for us to grow, we must grow together with our partners. We cannot do it on our own. Co-creation with thriving and diverse partners, based upon an open platform, provides end customers with the power of choice and partners with the largest addressable market.
VENZO Secure

The future is software

VENZO Secure’s key goal and passion is to empower partners to address the challenge of implementing and managing complex video surveillance systems. VENZO Secure is an official Milestone system Builder, providing turnkey pre-configured surveillance solutions for enterprise IP video deployments.