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The extension of Milestone Marketplace to include services by systems integrators was officially announced in early December 2020, making Marketplace the place for all XProtect® users looking for the right expert to build their next video management solution.
Since 2019, Milestone Marketplace has been instrumental in helping our partners identify their next business opportunity with XProtect. It quickly established itself as the place to go for exploring a wide range of verified hardware, software and solution services, and these features have now also been made available for end customers looking for new solutions as well as existing XProtect-users looking to expand existing installations.

The year 2020 has underlined how vital it is for businesses to be flexible and adaptable. The need to rapidly expand video solutions, to integrate analytics and other functionalities, and to innovate and repurpose existing investments has never been more prominent. These adaptations require collaboration and inspiration – two areas that Milestone’s Marketplace seeks to cultivate.
Milestone Marketplace journey
Today, Milestone Marketplace continues to build on the open platform approach, enabling flexibility and relationships between XProtect-users and Milestone partners.

One of Marketplace’s new features is a detailed search function that allows users to search for specific services, software and hardware based on their challenges and location. Marketplace now also shows Milestone’s various system integrators – listed as Solution Service Partners – making it possible for end-customers to find partners to advise them and help them deploy expansions to their video solution with new technology.
Insights and expertise
Engaging with Marketplace gives XProtect-users the freedom to build customized video solutions and explore the possibilities offered by XProtect’s open platform. Marketplace also provides the insights and expertise needed to help users make informed decisions about their video deployments.

For technology vendors and system integrators, joining Milestone Marketplace provides the opportunity to become aware of new innovations, create long-lasting relationships with customers, and drive value to the community for many years to come.
XProtect on AWS
During early-summer of 2020, Milestone launched XProtect on Amazon Web Services (AWS). This is our first video management software (VMS) solution deployed on AWS’s cloud. It offers an unprecedented flexibility to scale infrastructure resources on demand.
AWS is the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform. It offers one of the most secure cloud computing environments available today with services such as computing, storage, database, and networking available in seconds.

XProtect on AWS is deployed directly from AWS Marketplace – a digital catalog that makes it easy to find, buy, deploy, and manage software and services. By deploying XProtect from AWS Marketplace, the user saves time on system set-up with an automated operating system and VMS installations and a preconfigured VMS.

In a full-cloud deployment scenario, the only hardware maintained on the user’s premises are the cameras and the end-device used to access the system. This means that the servers, recorders, and datacenters are maintained fully by AWS 24/7 anywhere in the world.
FIPS compliance and product security
FIPS, which stands for Federal Information Processing Standard, is a set of requirements designed to standardize security for solutions deployed in federal government IT systems across the United States and Canada.
XProtect is deployed in more than 2,000 federal installations across the United States and Canada. To meet the needs of these customers, and as a response to the new FIPS140-2 specification, Milestone made all the required updates in our 2020 R3 product version.

FIPS 140-2 specifies which encryption algorithms can be used in federal software solutions. All software solutions deployed in United States’ government installations and in highly-regulated industries such as healthcare and finance are required to comply with the FIPS standard.
VENZO Secure

The future is software

VENZO Secure’s key goal and passion is to empower partners to address the challenge of implementing and managing complex video surveillance systems. VENZO Secure is an official Milestone system Builder, providing turnkey pre-configured surveillance solutions for enterprise IP video deployments.