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People First culture proven strong

It has been busy times for Milestone. COVID-19 had a significant impact on how we work, cooperate, and stay healthy, both internally and externally. However, 2020 has also brought new ideas and methods that have helped us to work in a more flexible and creative way.

COVID-19 has been a challenge for Milestone and the way we work. It has affected workplace dynamics, leadership, communication, and many other aspects of running a global organization. But the pandemic also forced us to create new flexible ways of meeting, being creative and innovative, offering new services, training partners, executing events, recruiting, and onboarding new employees. And those are just a few areas in which we have been on a steep learning curve to establish new ways of managing and supporting our People First culture.

Although the pandemic created challenges for Milestone, being a software company focused on creating opportunities for people and culture has given us some distinct advantages to handling these challenges. Consequently, our multiple initiatives to support agile performance, digitize processes and putting people first have continued.
Because we believe people in balance make the organization more creative and efficient ...
More energy, more focus
One of those Milestone initiatives is Grow Together, which provides a range of activities which are now being offered to all employees. The base of this initiative is the energy pyramid that focuses on ways to create energy by working to achieve a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual balance. Grow Together is a program that includes training, ways to optimize your physical well-being, tips to keep focus on assignments, and an improved practice for planning and holding meetings. Because we believe people in balance make the organization more creative and efficient, Grow Together supports an agile and flexible working culture while strengthening our growth ambitions.
Agile performance
As part of our agile performance culture and management, we have implemented team goals and reviews. This puts the focus on the team rather than the individual, on the way we collaborate at Milestone, and on the way, we set and evaluate goals and success in fulfilling them together with our teams. This has been the standard for our development teams and projects for a long time. To get everybody on board, we are training and sharing the learning from these teams across the organization.
Strong performance
As part of our employer branding strategy, Milestone has also continued efforts to recruit and retain employees. We monitor, evaluate, and share this effort in our global organization to secure employee satisfaction and a successful retention rate. Despite concerns related to COVID-19, in 2020, our employees gave Milestone a satisfying employee net promoter score of 46 and an engagement score of 8 (out of 10).
The yearly Global Employee Survey was completed by 97% of our employees. It shows that the overall satisfaction and motivation scores 79 and loyalty scores 87. Our employees rated management at an all-time high with an overall score in the Leadership Quality Index of 85.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of Milestone employees has grown in 2020. The headcount was 934 employees at the end of 2020, and we have hired 69 more employees through the year.

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