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Agile strategizing in times of change

At Milestone, we continuously scrutinize our commercial environment and adapt our strategy and initiatives to maximize business outcomes for our partners and customers. For 2021, five focus areas will guide our priorities and strategic projects.

Milestone is part of a dynamic business undergoing a number of changes and transformations. To be at the forefront, our strategy and strategy process needs to be agile to adapt to the rapid change we see in our markets and across our organization.
Strategy implementation delivering results
In 2019, we reported on four focus areas. These included projects and initiatives which are now bearing fruit. For example, we have:
Invested in our company culture and employer brand by improving employee onboarding, development, and retention through our Milestone Leadership, Sales and Developer Academies, as well as refining existing systems, teams and work processes.
Increased our development capacity to be able to deliver new innovative products and services. We have launched initiatives that address needs beyond security, and we are enabling solution marketing with partners by expanding Milestone Marketplace.
Digitized products, services and processes. For example, we are improving the Milestone Store, automating key processes globally, and aspiring to accelerate our marketplace initiatives.
Kept a strong focus on revenue, gross margin level and cost of revenue.
Continued to modernize Information Technology (IT) and operations in general.
Continued our strong collaboration with Axis Communications, BriefCam and Arcules.
Many of these initiatives will continue in the year ahead. But now is also the time for Milestone to take new strategic steps.

Five focus areas in 2021

Our strategic focus areas are directed towards projects and initiatives that support our current objectives for 2021.

In 2020, our corporate strategy was updated to match expected developments in the market as well as the needs and potential of our partners. In 2021, we have five areas where we will focus our value creation:

People First

We want to maintain a culture built on Scandinavian values with a flat hierarchy. Empower people growth by developing our employees and their skills. Strengthen flexibility and agility in our way of working to enable us to adapt faster and work together globally.

Digitize Milestone

We want to continue to digitize products and services to deliver better solutions to our partners and end customers. Ensure friction-free online platforms including Marketplace and Store. Ensure agility and optimize internal processes through automation.

Lead industry innovation

We want to deliver new innovative products, services, and platforms within security as well as beyond security. Develop solutions that connect buyers and sellers to our growing number of diverse partners.

Strengthen partners

We want to strengthen our brand to attract both technology and channel partners. Proactively develop partners to enable the long-term sustainable growth of our partners. Ensure our partners are highly engaged and individually contributing through, for example, co-creation.

Expand reach

We want to amplify our partners’ reach through efficient channel management and stronger relationships. Strengthen prioritized market verticals. Expand our global reach through high-potential markets in line with our business values.