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Business Model
We exist for people, create business outcomes for customers, and sell through partners.

Our ambition is to create long-term, sustainable growth. To make this happen, our business model is becoming more flexible to fit market needs and serve diverse segments.

We use our video solutions to create business outcomes for customers, and we sell them through our partners, which provides us with great scalability.

Today, video technology is delivering business outcomes for customers in many ways. For example, a combination of video and sensor technology can improve the quality of life for people living in a city.

Video technology combined with Artificial Intelligence (AI) can learn a city’s traffic patterns and make real-time adjustments to traffic signals and signage to avoid a backup of slow-moving vehicles. Combined with data from air quality sensors, AI together with video technology will predict traffic patterns and take early action to prevent pollution hotspots from building up in cities. At a global level, this helps city authorities support Sustainable Development Goal #11, to make cities inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable.

To continue delivering business outcomes for customers, we constantly adapt our business model to fit market conditions and customer needs. We do this via a focused, yet flexible and adaptable channel approach that delivers partner-enabled business outcomes. That’s how we create value and results.

Milestone’s open platform spans from on-premise Video Management Software (VMS) to the cloud

Customers can now choose whether they want a solution that is entirely on-premise or completely in the cloud. XProtect gives customers the flexibility to choose the best option for their needs.

XProtect on AWS 

With XProtect available on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace, customers can install an XProtect solution without worrying about hardware investment and maintenance.

This works best for customers who want a scalable solution and don’t want to invest in hardware.

Arcules – XProtect Hybrid VMS Solution

The integration of XProtect’s on-premise VMS and Arcules Video Surveillance is a powerful hybrid solution for centralizing video surveillance operations. It works best for customers who already have XProtect and want to expand their solution into smaller locations.We continue our close collaboration with Arcules to evolve our cloud offerings.