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Customer stories
On November 30, 2021, Milestone Systems launched XProtect Rapid REVIEW globally.

This is an intelligent video analytics solution for security operators and investigators to efficiently and quickly analyze forensic video content to find what they are looking for, fast.
Unlock the value of video
Powered by innovative BriefCam® technology, XProtect Rapid REVIEW is an add-on product that is seamlessly integrated into the XProtect Smart Client. It enables highly accurate, cross-camera video search and filtering. Based on an expanding suite of classes, attributes, behaviors, and visual layers, it helps the user quickly review video to pinpoint people, objects, and behavior of interest. This information can immediately be turned into evidence, insights, and actions.
Invaluable aid
XProtect Rapid REVIEW enables security and law enforcement professionals to conduct a forensic review of video recordings rapidly and accurately. This ability to filter and focus video review across multiple cameras speeds up post-incident investigations and reduces time to target. No more wasting time rewinding and playing back endless video recordings. Officers can now filter objects according to criteria such as gender, color of clothing, vehicle type and color, direction of travel, as well as by license plate or facial recognition. This makes it easier to identify and locate perpetrators, recover stolen vehicles, or locate missing children.
Beyond security
Traditionally, video surveillance cameras have been used to drive investigations and improve response to security situations. However, in recent years customers have discovered that they can get much more value from their video surveillance networks by complementing them with video analytics like XProtect Rapid REVIEW. This allows a variety of operators (beyond security and law enforcement) across a range of organizations and industries to leverage XProtect Rapid REVIEW to get more value from video.
Getting our Business Partners excited
We know XProtect Rapid REVIEW offers clear advantages to end-customers. This makes it a potentially big new revenue stream for our business partners. We want to give our business partners the right tools to promote this innovative product as an add-on solution for their existing XProtect customers.

Beyond the traditional web pages and banner ads, we have created a set of XProtect Rapid REVIEW sales and marketing assets that include messaging, logos, imagery, digital banners, email templates, webinars, etc. We package them all into an easy-to-use Partner Marketing Kit which we distribute to our business partners. 
Who can leverage XProtect Rapid REVIEW?
  • Security & Law Enforcement Officers
  • Compliance Officers
  • Operations Directors
  • Urban Planning
  • Marketing & Merchandising Managers
An advanced video analytics software
People moving suspiciously, traffic violations, a sudden burst of flame – these are just a few examples of what a video analytics solution like XProtect Rapid REVIEW can detect quickly and accurately.
It automates tasks that are usually performed by humans. And it delivers results that are fast and accurate. Rapid REVIEW can play a key role in keeping cities and citizens sustainable and safe, in and beyond security.
Uncomprimising complient video soltion
Stronger compliance for General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
Privacy and data protection continued to be a focus area in 2021 worldwide. We have taken our commitment to privacy and data protection a step forward with XProtect Corporate 2021 R1. The 2021 version includes a new and expanded privacy seal that covers all core VMS functions including XProtect’s Basic User, Mobile Server, Mobile Client, and Web Client on top of the functions previously covered in our first GDPR-ready seal from 2019.

Careful planning and dedicated product development helped us build an uncompromising and secure VMS product, checked by independent experts, and approved by an impartial certification body. The certification was issued by EuroPriSe, the independent and recognized European Privacy Seal institute funded by the European Commission.
Innovation and Technology
Machine learning research via university collaboration

The Milestone Research Program has recently increased cooperation with universities to explore the possibilities of machine learning. The team will look at future trends in computer vision and how they could be further developed over the coming years.

At Aalborg University (AAU) in Denmark, four PhD students have been recruited to join the Milestone Research Program. A fifth PhD student (an industrial PhD student) is working with Milestone’s research team in Copenhagen.

The project will push the boundaries of computer vision and machine learning as well as provide Milestone with direct and immediate feedback on the integration of the latest video analytics algorithms in XProtect.
Three patents filed so far
Three patent applications have been filed so far based on work done under the Milestone Research Program. In addition, twelve scientific, peer-reviewed papers have been published in international conferences and journals, and one paper won the best paper award in a workshop at the Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) conference 2021.

We expect to grow the program even more through external co-funding with national and European funding sources.
Innovation and Technology
Milestone Husky IVO, the new standard in video hardware performance

While our core business is software, we have long offered a popular hardware line by the name of Husky. 

The Husky series of video surveillance appliances has continuously evolved. The latest generation is the Husky IVO, launched in 2021.
What’s so special about Husky IVO?
Each Husky series has been designed to be optimal for XProtect video management software. Each generation also reflects changing industry and partner needs and feedback.

Husky IVO takes this to a new level to create even more value for installers. This starts with its construction, combining Dell® Technologies’ hardware capabilities, Intel®’s processing power, and our own XProtect flexibility and reliability.
Easier, faster, more flexible
With six products, Husky IVO is the most flexible Husky series yet. It can cater to installations that require only a couple of video streams and scale up to ones with 250 streams. It works with storage spaces of 16TB all the way up to 384TB. This gives installers a portfolio they can call upon for everything from a corner store to a stadium.

Since it is pre-loaded with XProtect, Husky IVO speeds up the setup and installation process. This saves time and hassle and enables installers to focus on the many other elements that need their attention.

Husky IVO can be used with any XProtect product license and integrates with more than 11,000 supported third-party devices. That means it can seamlessly adapt and scale with end-users’ changing needs.
The Power to Perform
Husky IVO launched in June 2021 under the campaign line “Unleash Your Power to Perform.” 
It has been extremely well received by our global partner community, since it builds upon an already highly popular and proven series and continues with Milestone’s commitment to open platform freedom and flexibility.