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Milestone is an international company with more than 1,000 employees. We are present in 24 countries. We are guided by a clear purpose and strong values. 

More than 200 new employees joined Milestone in 2021. Our ability to recruit and retain highly qualified employees is essential to our business. That’s why we want to optimize the way we communicate and recruit through our employee branding initiatives. We want potential candidates to understand what Milestone stands for. 
Onboarding the Milestone DNA
An effective global onboarding process is vital when we introduce new employees to Milestone. It’s their first glimpse of what we mean when we talk about culture.

First impressions matter. That’s why we put a lot of effort into communicating our story, values, and behaviors, and to presenting our products, services, and our understanding of what responsible technology means to us.

Onboarding is just a small part of how we develop careers and help people to grow at Milestone. Other initiatives include programs focusing on mental well-being, creating opportunities for flexible working, providing access to fitness, and carrying out an effective leadership training program.
Strong performance
Our yearly Global Employee Survey tells us that our initiatives are working. In 2021, our employees gave Milestone an employee net promoter score of 44 and an engagement score of 8.0 (out of 10). That is a very high and satisfactory result.

The yearly survey was completed by 96 percent of our employees. It shows a high score on overall satisfaction and motivation (79) and loyalty (86). Our scores on reputation (85), cooperation (86), immediate manager (84), job content (82) and learning and development (79) are also satisfactory and in line with last year’s results. This year, working conditions were rated 80, an increase of five points from last year. 

Our employees rated management with an overall score in the Leadership Quality Index of 86. This indicates that our focus on creating a meaningful working environment and providing clear leadership has been successful, even at a time when COVID-19 remains a challenge. Overall, our results are well above global benchmark scores.
Engagement score
= very good
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We continue to
Grow together

More than a year ago, Milestone embarked on a mission: we wanted to grow together. Since then, several initiatives have resulted in a stream of inspirational content being shared among Milestone’s employees.

Milestone is a company of dedicated people, devoted to delivering innovative work. However, sometimes we might push ourselves a bit too hard. Stress can drain our productive energy.
Guiding the individual
When we face such challenges alone, it can be hard difficult to address them in the right way. Milestone’s leaders saw a need to start a conversation about this, and to offer a range of activities across the company that focus on creating energy.

The Grow Together initiative is guided by the energy pyramid. The four levels of the energy pyramid serve as an anchor for the initiative and a common language for addressing sustainable ways of working and living.
Strong potential in virtual project
Grow Together is a voluntary program and is also available as a virtual experience to include team members working remotely. 
We have developed an online platform with trainable elements for growing individually as well as together. The platform is now delivering tips and tricks as well as specific exercises on a weekly basis.

These elements are not invented on a trial-and-error basis. We have enlisted the help of a consultant business with experience in supporting healthy alternatives such as active breaks and healthier eating habits.

We believe a sustainable lifestyle is achievable when individual levels of the energy pyramid are made available to people as trainable elements.