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Centered around our strategic direction.

At Milestone, we are dedicated to improving lives and businesses through solutions centered around people first and responsibility. 

Milestone operates in a dynamic business that is undergoing a number of changes and transformations.

To stay at the forefront, we continuously evaluate our commercial environment and adapt our strategy and initiatives to maximize business outcomes for our customers and our partners.

For 2022, we will focus on People First, Responsibility, and four strategic objectives to guide our priorities and initiatives.

Milestone strategy

People First

We put people first in everything we do. Our culture, our solutions, our cooperation with our partners and our understanding of our customers’ needs – it is all about people.


We take responsibility for the world we live in and create. Technology should serve humanity, not the other way around.


Our culture is based on People First.

We know that it is crucial to attract great colleagues and make them want to stay. Only then can we create the best solutions.

Video Technology

Our video technology is based on People First.

We know that only by having people at the center of our solutions will we be able to meet our customers’ demands sustainably.


Our cooperation with our partners is based on
People First.

We know that by working closely together, we can create value for the whole community.


Our approach to our customers is based on
People First.

We know that by understanding their needs, we can develop sustainable solutions for today and tomorrow.

What does Milestone do?
Milestone enables you to see what your eyes cannot always see.
We create video technology software that helps people make sense of what they are looking at.We find information in video data that people can act on:
  • To revisit things that happened in the past
  • To see things in real-time
  • Soon we will be able to see and predict things before they actually happen.
In other words, we
Make the World See.